Keep At-risk males in today's schools

Your gift provides caring adult mentors the opportunity to insure young male choose education.

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Your gift provides caring adult mentors the opportunity to insure young male choose education.

Help a male teen choose education!

Did you know 8 out of every 10 juvenile arrests in Broward County are young males (mostly minority) headed down the wrong path?

Most lack stable families to provide parental and emotional support, encouragement and accountability and few have fathers (or positive adult males) involved in their lives. They come from homes where drug abuse, emotional abuse, and criminal behavior and economic stress are the norm.

Without the proper external support, these young males have no chance, they are at risk of making destructive choices that will continue the cycle of living with economic struggles, increase the likelihood they'll drop out of school ending their pursuit of an education and eventually get caught up in criminal behavior.

Boys are more likely to underachieve academically than girls especially in these environments.

Men2Boys Mentoring provides adult male mentors who meet with at-risk male youth several times each week to provide information and advise, encouragement and exposure, to inspire boys to make positive choices that will lead them to better opportunities.

These adult mentors are changing lives.

Every year young males are making academic gains, and leaving the juvenile justice system instead of repeating criminal activity that would lead to longer jail sentences. Every year we are push young males across the finish line (the stage) graduation day.

Here's the thing...

These boys desperate need YOU to believe in them.

They need YOU to provide the resources to help them turn their lives around.

For just $50 per session, you can change the lives of 12 young men.

Please give today, because every child deserves the opportunity to be loved, encouraged, and given a second chance.